Strategy & Design = Magic!

Let’s be honest. A beautiful website alone will not sell your products or services.


You need to bridge the gap between strategy and design.


Guess what? That’s my special gift.


Strategy & Design = Magic!

Strategy & Design = Magic!

Let’s be honest. A beautiful website alone will not sell your products or services.


You need to bridge the gap between strategy and design.


Guess what? That’s my special gift.




You have a beautiful brand that is aligned to your personality and your values...


Telling other people about your business feels easy and naturally...


We have gathered so many content ideas that you can write a blog post every week for the next 6 months...


Your website copy is right on point and supports your business goals...


Now you are a brand expert! Inside and out...


Your clients are raving about your magical website. No "website shame" anymore! Quite the contrary - you feel like a goddess!

How does this feel to you?

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My Services


Online Branding

A brand is not just a logo!

You have to get clear about your message and know your ideal client. Use your values to connect with your target audience!


Content Strategy

Content really is king!

By creating valuable content you can showcase your expertise and attract the right prospects. This works best with a clear strategy.


Web Design

Your business online home!

Think of a website as your online home to showcase your expertise! Keep it clean and attractive so that visitors will come back.


Business Strategy

Make sales & profit!

Smart business ideas help you make money. You only have a business if you are making a profit. Entrepreneurship is not a hobby!



Copy makes the difference!

A pretty website alone won’t sell you products and services. If people connect with your copy they will buy your products and services.



Build trust and reduce fear!

If you have an online business you have to make sure that your website is secure and compliant to legal requirements.

My Process

aka “What to expect when you want to work with me” – and if you want not just a website but a smart online strategy.

Setting the Foundation for Magical Co-Creation


I want to get to know you and your business

That’s why you will receive an in-depth questionnaire. The more detailed your answers the better the impression that I get.


Kick-Off Session

We will meet on Zoom to get to know each other. If we decide that we are a good fit, we have to do some legal stuff. Then we set the roadmap.

Aliging your brand to your personality and your business goals


Deep-Dive Branding Strategy Session

We will dig deep into your personality and how you want to be perceived as a spiritual or holistic coach or entrepreneur.
We will define the attributes of your dream client, and get clear about your mission and values so that you can stand out from the crowd as the Go-To-Expert.


Creative Fun

You will create a Pinterest Board. Collect images, fonts, quotes and anything that resonates with you, your brand, and your dream clients.
Your Pinterest Board is the basis for your brand board and visual identity. I use color psychology and various approaches for seasonal branding and archetypes.

It’s true! Content still is King.


Brainstorming & Strategy Session

Now that we are clear on your brand and visual identity, it’s time that you get visible.
We will brainstorm ideas for blog and social media posts, so that you have more than enough ideas for creating purposeful and interesting content for the next 6 months.


Copy That Sells

I will guide you through proven copywriting strategies and storytelling practice. Our intention is that you can use your website and e-mail copy as a Marketing method to connect with your dream clients in an easy and natural way.

Let’s bring your website from “Buuuuaaaahh!” to “Ooooaaahh!”


Let the miracle unfold

That’s the part where you can lean back and relax in the Divi Lounge.
I will combine all the results from the previous step and create a stunning, gorgeous website. I’m aiming to create the complete site within one week.
We will meet again on Zoom. I will show you each page, and we can fine-tune and tweak last details in real-time. That’s effective and time-saving co-creation.


Happy Client care program

After the migration, I will host a 60-minute training session to teach you how to use your site.
Then it’s time to party and to flood all social media channels!
Be ensured, that after your new site is live, I will not let you stand in the rain. You have access to my support for 30 days via e-mail. I also offer ongoing monthly retainer packages.

Celebration Time & Launch


Your Benefit

Now you have set the foundation for elevating your online business! You have a smart content strategy and a gorgeous new website that will attract your dream clients and increase your income.



Your brand board and new website will be featured in my portfolio and a blog post.
Plus, I will spread the word on my social media channels.


Feel Inspired?

Want to start our own project?

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