Online Branding & Website Design

for an Alternative Psychotherapist


Nadja Joachimsthaler
Alternative Psychotherapist


Online Branding


Reasons for consulting an alternative psychotherapist are mostly related to emotional problems, stress, burnout, or mental issues. Treatment requires empathetic, sensitive, trustful and professional skills. Therefor, she desired to create an online branding and a website in friendly and fresh colors.


The client wanted to feel her patients comfy and relaxed, getting into a positive mood – nevertheless without neglecting the severe state of the personal situation the visitor eventually is in. Nadja’s logo already was designed. The Greens set the foundation for a harmonious and appealing color scheme.

Brand Board


  • Creation of 3 different color schemes
  • Moodboard out of the favorite color scheme
  • Website designed in HTML5 & CSS


  • Client was very happy with her new website
  • Got consulted so often that she was able to reduce her full-time job to a part-time job after ca. 6 months
  • In the meantime, she even got an engagement as trainer for the alternative therapists school!
Alexandra has communicated her consolidated knowledge very clearly. She has guided me full of empathy through the process of creating a website and continuously added value and new ideas.

My website is a mirror of my personality and my intention, and contributes to address the perfect client for my alternative psychotherapy services. Thanks so much for your work! ❤ Nadja Joachimsthaler

Alternative Psychotherapist,



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