Can you relate?

You have started your own business full of enthusiasm.

Because you have a mission.

You know that the world needs your wisdom and talent.

But you don’t know where to start.

No worries! I’m here to help you


Elevate your online business now!

Can you relate?

You have started your own business full of enthusiasm.
Because you have a mission.You know that the world needs your wisdom and talent.


But you don’t know where to start.

No worries! I’m here to help you


Elevate your online business now


You are in the right place if


you are struggling with getting clear on your message


Design is something you love, not something you can do


your products and services matter


being an introvert, the word "Sales" makes you panic


you are tired of doing it all by yourself

Hey Beautiful, my name is Alexandra Schumann, and I help coaches, holistic and spiritual entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between strategy and design, and therefor elevate their online business.

I’m operating from Fuerth, Northern Bavaria, Germany. But I’m serving clients all over the world. Let me be your secret weapon when it comes to

  • helping you to create a divine brand that makes a difference.
  • brainstorming and creating innovative ideas and content. We will implement a thoughtful strategy so that you can build an audience and sell your products and services.
  • designing a beautiful and classy online home – aka a website – that helps you attract your ideal clients, build your list – and make more money!

My Story

I always have been creative, multi-passionate and full of entrepreneurial spirit. But guess what? I wasn’t aware of this for decades!

Figuring out my expertise

Working as an employee in various business areas like Marketing, Sales, Information Technology, Consulting, Project Management and Business Development.

I never felt happy… I always had the feeling that there must be more to life than this. I changed jobs often – always hoping to find something that sparks that light and passion that only a vocation can bring. I always loved to learn! Collecting inspiration and wisdom was and still is my hidden power.

And suddenly everything changed…

I decided to take trainings and online courses in order to nurture my longing for wisdom. So I became a Certified Feng Shui Consultant.

And I got certified as Holistic and Integral-Systemic Coach. I freshed up my Web Design skills and got certified as a Webdesigner (finally, after “playing around” with HTML & CSS for years!).

That was my turning point

Suddenly I knew that I had to embrace my creative nature, and to use both, my logical and my empathetic and intuitive skills. I experienced one of my biggest epiphanies when I was participating in artist Flora Bowley’s “Bloom True E-Course“.

I became acquainted with a whole new perspective on my life – the magic of co-creation and manifestation!

If you perceive your life as a blank canvas, you can create everything you want!

Kickstarting my own business

Flora’s e-course and B-School reminded me of my old passions: web design, internet and online business! She directed me to spiritual female leaders like Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo.

I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School. Meeting so many interesting and successful ladies from all over the world, really made a change in my life. I threw my doubts overboard and asked myself

If they have managed to start their own business, enjoy time and money freedom – can I do this too?

The path was set. It was only a matter of time and courage until I finally took the leap into becoming an online entrepreneur.

Struggling with the gap between Strategy & Design

One of my biggest challenges when I started my business was translating all the strategy that I have learned into a design that I liked, my clients loved, and that matched to my business values.

Oh my gosh! I can tell you… I spend hours – no weeks – looking for inspiration. I participated in three online courses about branding, everyone with another approach.

And then I found another passion: branding! Combining all the things that I am passionate about was the solution.

So, here I am, doing a work that I love – and being happy to be able to help female entrepreneurs to elevate their businesses by creating a smart brand & content strategy, and magical websites.

I run my dream businesses, and you can too!

So here’s what I can do for you


Read my blog (coming soon!)

According to my own content strategy I will share client success stories, tips & tricks for web design and other interesting and inspirational advice on my blog.


Sign up for my newsletter and Download my free Resources (in work)

I’m sharing my best practices on a regular basis. And people who are on my list can take advantage of special offers.

Perhaps you are not ready yet to start your own business or to invest in a brand a professional website. That’s okay!

Stay informed! Eventually the magic sparks lights up your entrepreneurial spirit sooner as you know…


Let me be your guide

I have read hundreds of books, signed up and worked through tons of courses, learned everything about branding and online business.

You can take your time and figure it out all by yourself.

Or you take the short cut – and benefit from my knowledge, skills and experience.

I would love to share my wisdom with you!

What I love


Doing magic

Website dreams come true

Nothing makes my heart sing more than a happy client! I love to co-create and to surprise them by even exceeding their expectation with a magical result.



Passion for the hero's journey

I LOVE to watch movies or exciting TV series. They are so inspiring! And did you know that you can create your own telenovela online?


Creating Art & Design

The spark of inspiration

Painting teaches you to honor the process. I love the beauty of creating art and design! You always start on a blank canvas - and then watch the miracle unfold!



Sunshine makes a brighter day

When the sun is shining I always walk on the bright side of life! Sunshine makes me happy and keeps my creative juices flowing.



The beauty of words

I have been journaling for the past 5 years - only for the sake of writing and the beauty of the written words. I have also been copywriting as long as I have been able to hold a pen.


Reading books

Endless wisdom and adventures

I love diving into wisdom, fantasy and adventures or learning about business, strategy and design. Every book has its own inspirational spark.

My Expertise

  • Creative Ideas 97% 97%
  • Empathy 99% 99%
  • Strategy 96% 96%
  • Design Skills 93% 93%
  • Logic & Analytical Skills 97% 97%
  • Project Management 95% 95%